The Complete Kerala PSC Thulasi Guide (Login & Registration)

Welcome to the complete Kerala PSC Thulasi Guide for 2022 with login & registration steps, password recovery, and application process. KPSC is a platform to apply for Public Service Commission government jobs in the Kerala State of India. It became public as a part of E-Governance termed a ‘one-time registration’ in 2012.

Similarly, the ‘PSC Thulasi’ is a software and mobile app for registration and login-in purposes. If you want to learn the process for submitting an application to the KPSC department, this guide is for you.

Let’s start.

Benefits of PSC Thulasi

psc thulasi guide

KPSC is an Indian department whose function is to select suitable candidates to work for government jobs in Kerala state. The body is at Patton, in the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram. Thousands of candidates attend the test every year to qualify for public service work.

It is one of the most participating public service commissions in India providing employment opportunities on the basis of qualifications. Therefore, getting a KPSC Thulasi account is compulsory for job seekers. It makes the job hiring process easy for a vacant post.

PSC Thulasi is quite beneficial as we can perform tasks remotely without having to visit the office. It saves time to stand in a long queue to submit documents. Below is the list of benefits and tasks that we can do inside the PSC Thulasi Portal:

  • Receive KPSC Thulasi notifications
  • Check one-time registration profile
  • Get departmental test information
  • Admission & Hall Ticket download for various posts including village field assistant.
  • Kerala PSC Thulasi Hills and photo size & editor information
  • Upload certificate and documents
  • LGS, LDS, and exam results
  • Check rank list
  • Find the academic calendar and timetable
  • Discover new vacancies
  • Identify university assistant, help desk, inquiry, customer care, and contact number.
  • LGS and last year’s grade answer key& more.

When you register for the KPSC portal, you will easily get notified of available public service commission jobs. As it requires a number, they send the latest news to your mobile.

Moreover, they will give you a user id and password through which we can log in and apply for the post. Through the official website, we can check hall tickets, and candidate exam results, and update profiles for adding more qualifications.


The requirements for psc thulasi registration are as follows:

  1. Digital passport size photo of dimension 150 x 200 px. The image size should not exceed 30KB and the file format should be jpg.
  2. A softcopy version of ID proof. Accepted documents are Aadhar card, account number of nationalized/scheduled bank, conductor or driving license, PAN Card, passport, and more listed.
  3. An image of a signature written on clear white paper with blue or black ink. The file size and dimensions should be exactly the same as mentioned above.
  4.  A phone number.
  5. Qualification & mark sheet certificates with birth date and registration number.

Kerala PSC Thulasi One-Time Registration 2022

Thanks to the advancement in technology and computerization, the tedious task of psc Thulasi one-time registration is now super easy. We must sign up to the official portal and set up our profile for further use.

As you already know, there are two different versions of the official kpsc website for multiple purposes. Below are the steps to register on KPSC Thulasi’s official website.

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Select ‘New Registration’
  3. Fill up the registration form, exactly as seen on your official and legal documents under the new registration tab.
  4. Upload all the document files from the requirements section.
  5. Scroll down and put the information for user ID & password.
  6. Under the declaration tab, there’s a captcha code in the form of an image. Type those alphabets and numbers under the access code box.
  7. Put a checkmark on the asterisk box to confirm that all the information provided above is correct.
  8. Click on ‘Register’.
  9. After that, provide your photo and signature details.

That’s the final step. After clicking on the ‘complete’ button, you will be redirected to the homepage where you can continue to log in.

Preparation tips for new registration

The psc thulasi online registration could be overwhelming if you don’t prepare for good. Therefore, below are a few tips that will make the sign-up process easier for you.

  • First of all, collect the necessary information and softcopy version of the documents with you. They could probably be in the form of jpg images.
  • Get a fast, reliable, and uninterruptable internet connection before sitting at the desk to register.
  • Their official portal is mobile-friendly but we recommend registering through a computer. Typing spellings correctly and uploading files are more comfortable on the desktop to avoid minor errors.
  • Always create a user id and password that are extremely tough for others to guess.

Kerala PSC Thulasi Log-in Steps

Follow these steps to login into KPSC Thulasi online:

  • First of all, Visit this link.
  • Enter your user ID and password on the form present on the right-hand sidebar.
  • Type the access code and write every word on the picture (case sensitive). It is for human verification.
  • Click on ‘Login’

In this way, we can log in to the Kerala PSC Thulasi website using a browser.

KPSC Forget Password Recover

Often, we could forget or lose the username and password for KPSC Thulasi. In that case, use the SMS service to restore or reset your login information. You can send messages to 9223166166 or 51969 or 166.

Kindly use the following code in SMS.

  • Discover id: KL USR
  • Reset Password: KL USR RST USERID DOB
  • Example: KL USR RST Naina(username) 25091995

We can also click on the ‘Forgot Password’ button on the PSC Thulasi Login page. Next, fill in all the details including your user id, DOB, ID Proof, its number, and captcha. Then, Finally, click on reset as a solution, and it should work.

How To Apply in PSC Thulasi Exams 2022

Kerala Public Service Commission is a huge government body for hiring deserving candidates and providing employment opportunities. As the deadline for any job comes near, their official website is full of traffic. So, you need to hurry up and apply for the vacant posts before the last date nears.

It is super easy to apply for psc thulasi online.  But before sending an application, you must complete the one time registration step. After that, login to KPSC portal via their official website. After that, go ahead and proceed to the following steps.

Once you’ve accessed the KPSC portal, click on the ‘notifications’ tab that reveals the list of available vacant posts. Then, find a suitable post and click on the “apply” button next to the listings.

Note: Make sure that you have completed the profile and uploaded a recent photo of yours before applying. The photograph must validate its given dimensions. Also, the personal information and similar data must be correct as false input can reject the application.

Guidelines & requirements

The qualifications, and guidelines for each vacancy vary. Therefore, read their description before applying. It has the details of age limit, experience, reservation, and other necessary requirements.

The determination of the age limit is done on the 1st of January during the announcement of vacancy notifications. Similarly, candidates that come under the SC/ST or OBC category can have some adjustments in the age limit.

Final Verdict

You can also edit the information and passwords anytime later using the Profile Management feature of the portal. We hope that this information about how to perform the Kerala PSC Thulasi login has helped you.

Now, working in the Kerala PSC Thulasi is very huge opportunity of a lifetime. They are high paying and can secure your life. However, it is always advisable to check your documents before submitting them. One minor error can make you lose your job.

The best part is that you can still apply for other PSC jobs under contract. Once KPSC registration is complete, you can access the portal and apply for job announcements with notifications.


How can I log into my Kerala PSC Profile?
As mentioned above, access the KPSC website and fill out the login form, then click on ‘Login.’

How can I open PSC account in Kerala?
You can open a PSC account by completing the one-time registration process using the official Kerala PSC Thulasi website. After registration, you can log in and send an application online.

What is Kerala PSC Thulasi?
KPSC Thulasi is the official portal of the Indian government body in Kerala State that functions to select appropriate candidates for public service jobs. We can register, apply, and get notified of the results through the platform.

How can I check my PSC exam marks?
To check PSC exam marks, visit the official website of KPSC Thulasi and log in. After that, navigate to the page ‘Mark View’ where you can fill in the registration number and select a category to see marks.

How to change mobile number in psc one time registration?
You can only use one mobile number. We haven’t found any option to modify the number inside the portal. Therefore, be careful while inserting the details during the registration process.

Is it possible to delete psc one time registration account?
Yes, we can remove the psc account upon request.

How can I log off psc profile?
You can log out of psc portal by clicking on your profile icon and selecting log out.